As Governor, I'll PARDON those convicted of violating Whitmer's COVID19 Orders, Austin Chenge.

Whereas a person in the State of Michigan was convicted of an offense or crime of violating the Dictator, formerly known as Gov. Whitmer's COVID 19 executive orders,

Whereas it is represented to me that such a person is a fit and proper subject to Executive clemency.

Now, Know Ye, that I, AUSTIN CHENGE, a Veteran and First Republican Candidate for Governor of Michigan will, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the State, when elected Governor of the State of Michigan, grant;


to such a person of said crimes or offenses of which convicted, and such a person will be acquitted and discharged of and from all further penalties, fines or imprisonment and be restored to all the rights of Citizenship which may have been forfeited by the conviction.


Austin Chenge, Republican Candidate for Governor of Michigan 2022

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