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No one is White, Black or Colored.


"No child was born Black, White or Colored. Race is a human construct. If children can be forced to accept this division, they can be taught to learn that WeAreThesame." 

The so called idea of 'Race' has been a never ending political tool in which huge populations are instigated by calculating politicians using Race Identity as the driving force to turn countryman against countryman, neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend and family against family.

My Vision is simple, to #EndRaceIDentity. To use all available resources, all platforms and every opportunity to highlight this human cancer and show that in the end No human being is Black, White or Colored, but We Are Thesame, beautifully created in the image of God.

Join me today by sharing the hashtags #WeAreThesame and #EndRaceIDentity or Donate to help end this venomous idea from our society once and for all.


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